Lots of Robots
animation and sound

Clients and Projects include:

Video Games

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
EA GameTrailer for TV and Film

Blade Runner
Bond 007
Knock Out Kings 2
Daedulas Encounter
Rebel Assault 2
Mech Warrior 3
Test Drive 2
Summoner 2
Holye Casino
Dark Reign
Power Rangers
Tekken 2
Monkey Island 2
The Dig
Alien Vs Predator

Film and Short Film
Bram Stoker's Dracula
The Peacemaker
The Magic of Flight IMax
Antz2 test
Rocket Pants
Gone Bad


Intimate Strangers: PBS
Sun Micro Systems

Albums, Music & Audio Engineering
Bram Stoker's Dracula - Oscar winning Sound Effects
Kamikaze Ground Crew: Scenic Route
Kamikaze Ground Crew: Madame Marie's Temple of Knowledge
Swell: Well Swell: Swell,
Tood Rundgren: Private Eye
Michael Ward
Beatnigs, MCM and the Monster
Henry Steele: Goodbye To All That
San Francisco Ballet, Magic Theatre,
NPR, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network
Vegas in Space, The Indestructable Man

Places where I used to work
Mondo Media
PDI, Xaos, Earwax, Hyde Streeet Studios
Nebraska Corn Fields

San Francisco Art Institute, BFA: Painting, Film Making

Audio Gear List:
Software: Digital Performer,
Equipment: Waldorf MicroWaveXT,
Waldorf MicroQ,Waldorf Q, Emu-e6400 Ultra
with large library, Mackie HR824s, RolandXV-5080
Emu-Proteus 2000, Emu-XtreameLead,
Yamaha P80 piano, Yamaha CSX2, Eurodesk 9000
Line6 Vetta Guitar Amp, 2 Motu 828, Giga Studio 160
Quad and 5.1 surround mixing

For more info contact:

Andy Murdock
Lots of Robots, Animation and Sound
San Francisco Ca, 94117
(415) 487-1803