If you enjoyed LOR and want to help me continue to make this movie, you can help by donating to the LOR Movie Fund. LOR is a one-man project that is funded solely by LOR DVD sales and money I find under my couch cushions. I need additional help. I will use your donation to buy computers and hard drives and pay for the incredibly high electricity bill that comes from running 10 computers and a room full of gizmos. Without your help, I may not be able to continue to make this movie. With your help, a feature 3d animated feature film will be produced without having to adhere to that same old Hollywood formula.
   The best way to help is to buy a DVD, but if that does not work for you for whatever reason, then by all means please donate.
   Note: These donations are NOT tax deductible. This is NOT a charity, you are only helping me make a 3d animated movie that will someday be for sale on the store shelves.
    Thank you so much,
    Andy Murdock
Donations are made through PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted.