In this 'Spider in the Swiss Cheese' animation, the seek object is moved several times during the animation. The Spider simply turns around and keeps heading towards its target no matter where the target may be in space.

The Spider is now able to navigate over complex meshes as long as the surface topology does not curve too radically. If a leg is not able to find a surface hit, it will skip that portion of the foot targeting function and land its foot in empty space.

User interface
 -- Now open and run the script Now you will see the script taken to a new level of complexity. We have no longer have to search for variables to edit within the script because we simply edit them in the interface. Also we have a few new features such as; Leg Ordering and Leg Grouping. Changing the Leg Ordering will have the spider animate from front to back in alternate orders. Leg Grouping will have the right and left sides pair up in alternate orders. This gives the spider walk cycle a whole different look.

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