Organization of rig -- Object Parts and Hierarchy
1. The Spider Rig is composed of the main animation rig: legs with IK controllers and a set of guide objects that will serve as target landing spots for the Spider legs. This rig has 2 sets of leg target objects, so if one target does not work the next target is chosen.
2. Object Names are organized; Character Prefix, character number, part location, part name, part number, part function; i.e. Sp01_L(left)_Leg1_IK
3. Transforms Zeroed
   a. We need to have a way to reset the Spider to its default creation spot. As with all custom character rigs, this is very important. Here we use a function called fn InitSpider() which will delete all keys in the rig and reset the positions and rotations to a default pose.
   b. The Guide Objects all need to have a scale = [1,1,1] and be oriented in zero rotation to the world. It just makes things neater and easier.
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