Animation variable creation
1. At the top of the Script we need to create a series of variables. In order to keep this tutorial simple, we will avoid the subject of variable scope ie; local, global. MaxScript reads in from top to bottom, so variables need to be established before we call for them. Any variables created within parentheses will only be visible within that context, and variables created at the top of the script outside any parentheses will work for the entire script below.
2. A series of Object Arrays are created ie; Legs, LegSpotOriginal, etc… These arrays are all created so the ordering of the objects listed are in sync with each object array. Meaning when we get Legs[1] and LegSpotOriginal[1], we are referring to parts of the same Leg system. This will let us run common functions on each leg system by simply referring to the leg system number, which in turn is the object array item index number [i].
3. Other variables are created to help with the ordering and grouping of the Leg numbers, thus allowing us to run functions on multiple legs.
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