Animation Functions
Each time we need to create a keyframe for one of the objects in the Spider rig, we will need a function for that task. The 3 main functions for the legs are:
1. DoLegLift(): this moves the leg ik end effector above it’s current position and the leg lifts and prepares to step forward.
2. DoLegTarget(): this moves the leg ik end effector to the target point object for that leg system and the leg steps forward.
3. DoLegHold(): this lays a key at the current leg ik end effector position to hold it still after DoLegTarget() is called several frame before.
There are also functions for moving the Guide Rig and thus all of it’s child leg targets, and a function for the Spider Body Root to align it to the Guide Rig and make it self bounce up and down.
Each of these functions will also call sub functions that do tasks such as; Align the object to a surface and find attachment positions.
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