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Bot Manager

MakeNewBot –
When making a new Bot, what is actually happening is the merging of a Max file that contains a Bot Rig. There are 12 Max files in the 3dsmax/Automatron/12Bots directory. These files are identical to each other, except they have different names. The Bot that will be in Bot Slot 1 will have the naming prefix “ws01_” and the Bot in Bot Slot 2 will be named with the prefix “ws02_” and so on.

Pressing the MakeNewBot button will merge in the appropriate Bot and create 2 named selection sets. The selection set named Bot#_Aniset is the group of objects that you will most likely need to see in the viewport for doing your animation work. The selection set named Bot#_Skinset is the group of object that you will most likely need for skinning your character skin. You can edit these selection sets as you see fit in Max’s ‘Edit Named Selection Sets’ tool.
There are more functions for dealing with these selection sets in the Automatron Display Panel