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Master Skeleton Control

Snapshot Pose – Pressing the Snapshot Pose button will save the current state of the entire rig and all it’s IK targets into the currently selected Pose Slot, there are 64 slots to choose from.

Snapshot Name Text Field – Enter the name you wish to give the Snapshot here.

Edit Pose – this button will simply grab the name back from the currently selected Pose Slot and put it into the Snapshot Name Text Field. That’s all it does.

Copy and Paste
– you may copy and paste a Snapshot from one Slot to another.

How to make a Snapshot Pose.

1. Select a Snapshot Pose Slot by pressing one of the 64 number buttons on the sides of the MSC panel.
2. Enter the name of the Snapshot pose into the Snapshot Name Text Field
3. Press the Snapshot Pose button.
4. If you wish to save the 32 snapshots now currently stored in one of the 2 Pose slot columns, Press the Save as Library button, otherwise the 64 Snapshot Poses will be saved with the Max Scene File until you load a Library in that slot column for that Bot.