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Time Control –
This Time Control interface contains many of the features that I always wished were in Max. This time slider will interfere with the Max time slider, so if you see the animation time jumping all over the place, you probably have both systems running at once.
The frame rates that are played in this control panel are NOT truly synchronized with realtime. This time slider will play every frame of the animation no matter how long it takes to play each frame, so it’s best to keep your viewport running quick when using this panel.

The Main Time Slider – this will move the current Max Time.

Start - this will se the Animation Range Start Time
End - this will se the Animation Range End Time

You can set up sub-range within the normal Max time slider animation range. To do this press the “Get” button next to the “[=” spinner to get the start time of the sub-range and press the “Get” button next to the “]=”spinner to get the end time of the sub-range. Then turn on the “[“ and/or the “]” buttons to see the result when playing.

Scrub Slider – this will let you set a freewheeling scrub for the animation time slider.

Max7 vs. Max8
The main reason it was created was to deal with a problem that exists in Max7. This Max7 problem is a delay in interactivity when grabbing the Max time slider. Max8 solved all these problems with an incredible improvement in animation playback.
If you are using Automatron’s Animated Parenting for the Hips, Max7 will give you a horrible interactive delay when using the normal Max time slider. So, in Max7 use the Automatron Time Control panel. Max8, you may not need it.