Automatron Demo Installation
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1. Download the Zipfile

2. Unzip, and place the Automatron directory into your 3dsmax8 root directory, like this...


3. Open Max and run the script named...


4. Shut Down Max and then Restart Max.

5.a. In Customize User Interface > Toolbars > Category > Automatron > Drag the 'Run Automatron', 'Automatron Crowd' and 'AutomaCam' Icons to your Main Tool Bar.

5.b. Save your Custom UI Scheme.

6. In Customize User Interface > Preferences > MaxScript > make sure the Initial heap allocation is at least 50.

7. Click on the new 'Run Automatron' Button.

8. You should see a popup window, click 'Create Bot'

9. An Automatron Bot will merge into your scene.

An End User License Agreement (EULA) will appear. Scroll to the bottom while speed reading the text, and press the 'I Accept' text in the text window. Then press the 'Continue with Automatron Evaluation' button.

The Automtron Demo Version is crippled in that it can not save any external Automatron Files such as; Snap Shot Libraries, Figure Setups, Character Libraries, etc... Also the aniamtion range is limited to 150 frames.

Thanks for trying Automatron!!!

And, Thanks for buying Automatron after you try it out!!!