Hand SnapShot Poses

There are two twenty slot pose banks, one on each side of the panel. There are two columns to allow you load two different libraries at once.

***Note, the hand pose is also saved with the main skeleton pose in the MSC panel, so you don't have to save a seperate Hand Snap.

To save a snapshot

Click on one of the same number buttons that sit to the left of the column of pose buttons.

In the lower portion of the hand panel there is a edit text box,

enter the name of the pose you wish to save, you will see the name appear in the Pose button next to the button you have checked.

Then hit the Snapshot Pose button.

If you wish to save the pose you will need to save the library by pressing the Save Library button.

Otherwise the hand pose will be saved with the max scene file. The Saved Hand Snap libraries are saved in the ...3dsmax#/Automatron/HandSnapLib directory. Share them with your friends.