Installation Procedures are identical for 3dsmax versions 8 and 9.

If you have already installed the Automatron Demo, delete the Automatron Directory from your 3dsMax root directory!!!

1. Download the Zipfile, the password will be sent to you via email.

2. Unzip, and place the Automatron directory into your 3dsmax8 root directory, like this...


3. Open Max and run the script named...


4. Shut Down Max and then Restart Max.

5.a. In Customize User Interface > Toolbars > Category > Automatron > Drag the 'Run Automatron', 'Automatron Crowd' and 'AutomaCam' Icons to your Main Tool Bar.

5.b. Save your Custom UI Scheme.

6. In Customize User Interface > Preferences > MaxScript > make sure the Initial heap allocation is at least 50.

7. Click on the new 'Run Automatron' Button.

8. You should see a popup window, click 'Create Bot'

9. An Automatron Bot will merge into your scene.

You will briefly see the Automatron interface and then it will disappear and an End User License Agreement (EULA) and Authorization window will appear.

10. Agree to the EULA and Fill out the information,

Note: Your 4 digit Automatron Order Number will be found in the subject line of the email sent to you by the Lots of Robots Store when you purchased Automatron. If for some reason you don't have an order number, please contact Lots of Robots for a serial number.

11. Follow the instructions for getting me the request files

12. email the *_Req.dat file to

13. Then I will send you a *_Key.dat file to add to the C:\3dsamx8\plugcfg\Automatron\ directory ending up with the 2 files.

14. Then it will work by just pressing the Automatron Button.

*** You will need to do this for each version of 3dsmax8 and higher that you have on your machine. You may Authorize two machines that are owned and operated by you. So, if you want to put a copy on your work machine and one on your home machine or laptop, that is fine.

15. If you have not done so already, Please Join the Lots of Robots forum and make sure to use your real name so I can include you in the private user section.

Thank for buying Automatron!!!