Arm Rotation Controls

Clavicle Bend

Rotates the Clavicle Bone Forward and Back

Clavicle Lift

Rotates the Clavicle Bone Up and Down

Shoulder System

The Arm System is parented by a LookAt object which will align the system in two ways.

   1. Forward Hip Space Alignment. This works well for walk cycles when the arm needs to swing smoothly forward and backward.

   2. Chest Space Alignment. This will have the arm system aligning to the spin direction of the top spine object.


Blend between these two Alignments: 0 being Forward Hip Space Alignment and 100 being Spline4 Space Alignment


The first child of the Arm LookAt Root is the Swing controller. This is a single axis rotation that allows you to easily swing the arm forward and back. It is the parent for the rest of the arm system. This works great for walking and running but may make rotations complicated when the elbow is lifted out away from the spine.


Bend Lift and Spin are the three axis rotations for the upper arm. These are the three parts of an Euler_XYZ controller, which means each component of the rotation is done in order. First the Lift is Rotated, then the Bend is rotated from that result and finally the Spin. In some combinations Bend and Spin appear to rotate the same axis. This is true until the Lift value is changed. This is just the way Euler rotational works, and its also why we have the Swing option for the arm.


Pressing this button will give Bend a value of 90 and Spin a value of ?90. this will quickly set the arm up for a forward Lift instead of a side Lift.

Experiment with these rotations, after a while they will make sense.


There are three bones named ws##_UpArm_Twist#_R or L. These objects are here to help with skinning your character. They will automatically rotate in an attempt to keep the character skin from twisting to a single point during some rotations. Since there are too many rotational possibilities to account for, you may adjust this progressive rotation manually by pressing this button. You will only see a result if you have included these bones in your skinning setup i.e. Skin_Modifier.



Bends the elbow.


Will rotate the Wrist at the hand's root.

Twist also controls the progressive rotation of three bone objects useful in skinning your character. These objects are named ws##_ForeTwist_R or L.



Bends the wrist up and down.


Bends the wrist side to side.