Pose Snap Shots

On each side of the MSC we see 32 Pose Slot Buttons. Pressing one of these buttons will put the pose stored in that button to the skeleton. Which parts of the pose that get used are determined by the Pose Playback Filters located at the bottom of the MSC panel.

To save a Pose

1. Select a number button next to the Pose Slot where you wish to hold the Pose.

2. Enter a name for the pose in the edittext window located to the right of the button that reads 'Snapshot Pose'. You will see the name you typed appear in the Pose Slot button you have chosen.

3. Then press the button 'Snapshot Pose'

4. If you wish to save the pose to disc for later use, press the 'Save as Library' button located at the bottom of the 32 Pose buttons. There are two Library save buttons, and they will only save the 32 poses that reside on the same side of the MSC panel.

To playback a Pose

1. Simply press one of the Pose Slot Buttons. There are many ways to filter and control how the pose gets put back to the Skeleton, such as Filters, Mirroring, Randomizing, and Alternate Coordinate Systems.