The Master Skeleton Control, aka 'MSC'

Control Concepts

Just about everything that can be animated in Automatron can be controlled in great detail right here in the MSC. As you see, all the main skeleton limb rotations are spread out in the open for quick access.

1. All those spinners!!!

You should not have to search though the Max scene looking for an object to adjust. The MSC will allow you to animate your skeleton without having the skeleton visible in the viewport. That means you can have only the render skins visible, greatly simplifying the animation process by reducing or eliminating the need to touch the skeleton limbs in the viewport with your mouse. All rotations for the skeleton rig are handled in the MSC panel. There are small number of objects that you can move and rotate manually in the viewport, such as the Hips, Right and Left Feet controllers and any of the predefined IK Target objects. Otherwise the user is prevented from rotating the limb parts in order to prevent misalignment of the rig. This may take a little getting used to, but after a bit of learning the system, you will see the advantages.

2. Pose snapshots

You can save the current pose of your skeleton and play it back in whole, part, mirrored, randomized and also in a different coordinate system. Poses you create can be played back on to any Automatron Bot. These Poses can also be played back in the Procedural Walking System as part of a walk cycle. The longer you use Automatron, the larger your library of poses will become for all of your projects.

3. Multiple Blended IK targets

You can easily blend between forward and inverse kinematics. There is also a large group of pre-built IK targets for the Arms and Legs allowing you to quickly target your rig's limb to other objects.