Script Errors
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We are working very hard over here at Lots of Robots to destroy all errors and bug in Automatron.

If you do get a script error, the MaxScript Listener window will open up and print out details about the error.

for instance;

as seen in the Maxscript Help Document

Steps to fix errors or by pass errors.

1. Please Run Automatron again by pressing the Run Automatron Icon in your tool bar and see if you can reproduce the error. This may actually work in many cases, although there is still most likely still a bug that caused the error in the first place.

2. In Customize User Interface > Preferences > MaxScript > make sure the Initial heap allocation is at least 50.

3. If at all possible, please take a screen snapshot of this window and send it to, along with a brief description of the steps needed to reproduce the error. We will attend to the problem as soon as possible and send you a reply.