Why is the Bot all Whacked Out, Screwed Up, and/or All Funky when I bring it in with the Character Library? Unit System Mismatch!!!

If the Character Library max file is using a System Unit Setup that is different from the current System Unit Setup, when loading (merging) the character, it will appear all messed up like in the above picture.

How to Fix:

1. Find out what the System Unit Setup is set to by going into the 3dsmax main menu > Customize >Units Setup? > System Unit Setup

The default 3dsMax System Unit Setup is: 1 Unit = 1.0 inches

2. Reset 3dsmax and open the character file you wish to change, if there is a System Unit Setup mismatch, 3dsmax will warn you and ask you to keep or adopt the newly loaded System Unit Setup.

3. You need to choose which System Unit Setup to use.

4. I suggest always using the default System Unit Setup is: 1 Unit = 1.0 inches

5. You can change the System Unit Setup for the Character Library files and save copies of them with new names.