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PWS – Available Animations

In this pickbox, we see a variety of animation loops to choose from. Each one of these items represents a different procedure for adding an animation queue event to your Bot.
   1. Walkatron – Choose from a Library of predefined / editable animation loops. This is the newest and best way to animate with the PWS. Only Scale, Angle, Speed and Spread parameters are in effect from the PWS panel. Learn More…
   2. StepM and RunM – These 2 procedures will add one step of one foot to the queue. All the Leg parameters and UpperBody parameters are in effect.
   3. Stand Still- the Bot will stand still for the duration of this queue event.
   4. WaitFrames- this adds keys at the beginning and end of this queue event but no other animation is added allowing free time for custom animation from the Master Skeleton Control to be done by hand after the PWS “DoIt” button is pressed.
   5. 20Poses – similar to Stand Still, but is timed to allow 20 Subedit Queue Poses to be added during this queue event.
   6. Walk in Place – Similar to StepM, except the Bot does not move forward allowing the scale parameter to effect the foot lifting. This is to achieve a marching in place.
   7. As you can see, there is room for more procedures to be added in the future.