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Animation Generation
– It’s time to lay down some keyframes.

Initialize**WARNING** Keys will be erased from your Bots animation, please save your animation in the Bot Manager panel if you need to.
When pressing this button, the PWS will erase some or all the animation data in the currently focused Bot depending on the options chosen below.
An Object called ws##_StartSpot will then be Unhidden and Selected in the viewport. The StartSpot object will determine where and in which direction the PWS solution will be solved.

DeleteKeys On Init/DoIt
- All the Keys of the current Bot will be erased on DoIt or Initialize

RetainKeys On Init/DoIt - only the Keys Before the Start Time will be erased on DoIt or Initialize. The StartSpot object will automatically move to a location under the Hips at the time of the StartTime frame. This will enable you to append your animation with sequential PWS Solutions.
StartTime – This is the frame at which the PWS solution will start.
DoIt – Pressing this button will begin the PWS Key-framing. This is the same as pressing the Initialize button except the Bot will be animated as per your PWS queue entries.