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Edit Queue – edit the PWS Queue Events

– This button enables the Edit Mode.

Enabled Mode – select a PWS Queue Event in the Grid. The parameter settings for the Queue Event will back fill into the spinners and SubQueue editing panels. You may now change the settings and the Queue will be updated.
Disabled Mode - you may build a PWS queue event by changing the spinners and SubQueues, then when you have an event ready, pressing the Append to Queue button in the PWS Grid will append these settings to the end of the PWS Queue Events.

ALL – With edit ALL enabled in Edit Mode, all the Queue Events will be changed when a parameter spinner is changed. Some parameters are not changed this way, these are the Animation Procedure type, and the SubQueue Poses. These must be edited individually.
<< - Edit all previous events plus the event selected in the grid
>> - Edit all subsequent events plus the event selected in the grid

Duplicate – copies the event and inserts it after the currently selected event
UP/Down – Moves the currently selected event up and down in the Queue
Cut – deletes the currently selected event