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Procedural Walking System – Overview

    Automatron’s Procedural Walking System or PWS is designed to create a great deal of animation very quickly. The animation created by the PWS is here to give you a head start on the very complicated task of character animation, but by no means is it meant to be a finished, polished animation… that is still up to you and your talents. The PWS will take care of that first 80% of the work, setting hundreds of keyframes on almost 400 animation tracks in a matter of seconds. Work that used to take days can now be done in under an hour.
   The best use of the PWS is in creating the character blocking of a scene as well as creating complicated walking maneuvers over still or animated meshes and objects.
The PWS works by queuing up procedural loops of single or double footsteps. These can either be simple steps driven by parameters, or Walkatron Loops, which can be far more detailed.
   Each Step queue entry can be edited separately, or all together and moved up and down in the queue, duplicated or deleted. Also each Step queue entry can have a snapshot pose from the Master Skeleton Control thrown onto your skeleton several times during the duration of the Step.
   Once you have created an animation with the PWS, move on the Master Skeleton Control