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SubQueue Pose

Here we have the TimeStep pose slots ready for poses.
We see 20 pose slots, but only the Timesteps that are used by the currently selected Animation Procedure will be enabled. Starting at frame 0, an Animation Procedure that has 5 TimeSteps, such as StepM and RunM, and has a speed of 20 frames will place poses at frames {0,5,10,15,20} for TimeSteps {1,2,3,4,5}. A Pose placed at the last TimeStep will overwritten by the next SubQueue unless it is the last Queue Event.

Name –
You may give your SubQueue a name that will appear in the PWS Grid.

GoFrame:# -
When enabled the Max time slider will jump to the time where this Pose slot will key it’s pose.

Preview - When enabled, the PUT>> button will also playback the pose and place keys on the Bot in order to preview what will happen when the PWS solution is run.