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The Walkatron Procedural animation is the best way to work with PWS. Instead of working with small set of parameters that only effect few limb rotations, Walkatron lets you work with just about every joint in the system, including the fingers. Using the Walkatron Editor, you define the Bot’s animation in 16 timesteps with the result being a looping walk/run cycle. The Max scene will configure itself to allow for the display of this loop with camera that move with the character giving the appearance of the Bot walking in place.

Once you have created a loop, you may save it into a library to be queued up in the PWS.

To use, select the Walkatron item in the Available Animations, then select a Walkatron Loop from the pulldown menu and add it to the queue. Scale, Angle, Speed and Spread are enabled for this Procedural type.

Important notes about Walkatron
1. When launching the Walkatron Editor, the keys for the current Bot will be erased, so be sure to save your Bot animation if you need to.
2. The Walkatron editor needs the max scene to be clear of anything that would slow down animation playback, so it’s best to do this editing in an empty scene, or at least with everything hidden except the Bot that you are using in the Walkatron Editor.

Learn about the Walkatron Editor