1998 Max 2.5
After working on a few facial animation projects using a mesh morphing system, I was interested in developing a real skeletal and muscular deformation system. After lots of research, this attempt was made to build that system using bone objects and Character Studio’s Physique. The skeleton of the face was animated using a goto snapshot system via maxscript. The position and rotation values of all the facial bones and muscles would be recorded into an array of numbers called a snapshot. The snapshot was then blended with other snapshots to make the animation. It took a great deal of time to put it all together. The skeleton was so complex with all the maxscript functions that the production of this animation took a week of long nights to complete… something that with today’s software, could be done in an afternoon. The maxscript system created here was eventually developed into plugin called Meathead. Meathead would do all the snapshot blending in something close to real-time as well as other useful utility functions.