LOR forum
a place to discuss all aspects
of creating a 3d animated short

a 3d animated spaghetti horror
movie I worked on at Mondo


A new and very nice site about independent animation.

great all around 3d site

a good site for scripts and plugins

Great T-Shirt Designs from my good friend Britt Anderson

great song writter and artist

Rustboy an incredibly beautiful short
animation under development.

LOR DVD link info...
Focal Blur Plugins for after effects
1. Lens Care (cheap and good)
2. Image Lounge (New insane high price)
Don't buy it at this price of $995.
Too bad it's so expensive.

Baraka, the film... All citizens of Earth must see this film, especially you.

DVD totorial files can be found on the DVD root directory.

more to follow soon....



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